ProBoard Bulletin Board System - Owned by Riley's - Personal Computer Doctor

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So, we here at or Riley's - Personal Computer Doctor finally bought and own ProBoard Bulletin Board System! We did it folks! We opened sourced it 2 nights later and just yesterday I setup up the GitHUB. Tomorrow after work I'm adding a couple people on GitHUB to the Team ProBoard and hopefully we will get new versions and such released very soon! The code is very buggy, and I wouldn't want to run it myself yet, in the state the pre-alpha version of ProBoard 2.18 and ProBoard 2.21 was released in. Let's also welcome beta test Zazz to the site! Also Zazz is having a problem with REGKEY.PB on ProBoard 2.17.... Look on the forum for the ProBoard 2.16/ProBoard 2.17 GenKey! Register your copy of ProBoard BBS today yourself!