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Thread: ProBoard 2.X setup with NetFOSS - 32Bit Door Support Now Included! - 2016

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    ProBoard 2.X setup with NetFOSS - 32Bit Door Support Now Included! - 2016

    You must use .BAT for Windows XP. For Windows Vista, Windows 7, or HIGHER you can use either .BAT or .CMD files.
    ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO: Copy NETFOSS.DLL into the c:\windows\system32\ directory!

    Install ProBoard using the install.exe.
    In a DOS Prompt Window (Not DOSBox Window)
    go to your ProBoard root directory. Most common root directory for ProBoard is: C:\PB
    Once there run ProCFG.exe and setup your BBS with BBS Name and SysOp Information.
    Then exit ProCFG.exe using the Escape key and saving the information when asked.
    Then once returned to the command prompt type edit runpb.bat or edit runpb.cmd.
    Your RUNPB.BAT or RUNPB.CMD should look like this.

    @echo off
    set proboard=c:\pb
    set SOCKET=%2
    \pb\proboard.exe -B115200 -N%1

    Now for every NODE you have setup in ProBoard you have to have a NODE directory.
    For this example we're going to setup a 4 NODE ProBoard system.
    So in the same Command Prompt Window type:

    md NODE1
    md NODE2
    md NODE3
    md NODE4

    The Command Prompt Window can exit and we can setup NetFOSS/NET2BBS.
    Unzip the NetFOSS ZIP file into C:\netfoss to install NetFOSS. Unzip the included
    NET2BBS.ZIP archive into the same directory. Copy NETFOSS.DLL into the
    c:\windows\system32\ directory. Right click your NET2BBS.INI file in Windows
    Explorer and click edit. Make sure where it is says,
    "Edit only lines after the [Settings] line below,"
    that your NET2BBS.INI file looks
    like the the sample below.

    | ******* Edit only lines after the [Settings] line below *******
    | Save your changes, then restart Net2BBS for the changes to take effect.

    Command=c:\netfoss\nf.cmd /n*N /h*H c:\pb\runpb.cmd *N *H
    KillMsg=You are not welcome here.
    ;ResolveMsg=o Net2BBS - Resolving your IP Address...
    ResolveMsg=|[2J[0;32mo [1mNet2BBS [0;32m- [1;37mRe[32mso[0;32mlving your IP Add[1mre[37mss[0;32m...[1;37m
    BlockCC=156,643,392,804 ; 156=China 643=Russia 392=Japan 804=Ukraine

    Now that we are done with NET2BBS.INI, please create a new NF.BAT/NF.CMD or
    edit the one included with NetFOSS to look like this:

    @echo off
    c:\netfoss\ %1
    rem ** If running a non-door32.sys system, add a " %1" to end of above line **
    if errorlevel 1 goto end
    c:\netfoss\netcom.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
    c:\netfoss\ /u


    If you are using Net2BBS version 1.14 or later then skip the next two steps
    and continue on to the the "Adding your DOOR32 to your BBS" section.
    Net2BBS 1.14 and later automatically updates the %SOCKET% environment variable
    with the Telnet Socket Handle.

    Changes to your telnet server command line:

    If your current telnet server command line may look something like this:
    Command=c:\netfoss\nf.bat /n*N /h*H c:\pb\runpb.bat *N

    As you can see, the BBS batch file (in this case runpb.bat) is only being
    passed the node number, (using the *N macro) which it will be able to accessed
    as variable %1 since it is the first parameter passed.

    You will need to change the command line to also pass the Socket Handle
    (using the *H macro), as the second parameter being passed to runpb.bat, so
    it will be accessable as variable %2.

    The new telnet server command line will look like this after the change:
    Command=c:\netfoss\nf.bat /n*N /h*H c:\proboard\runpb.bat *N *H

    Changes to the BBS batch file:

    Add the following line to runpb.bat before it runs the BBS software:
    set SOCKET=%2

    This will store the socket handle into the environment variable %SOCKET%,
    which can later be accessed by NFU so the socket handle can be placed in the
    DOOR32.SYS drop file it creates.

    You now have 16-Bit ProBoard 2.X for DOS installed and with NetFOSS setup to allow
    ProBoard to run 32-Bit DOORS using DOOR32.SYS. The great thing about Net2BBS's NFU
    it creates a DOOR32.SYS using your DOOR.SYS that ProBoard creates. That is the DOOR32.SYS
    a DOOR32 will use to run the door.

    I'll soon being to post threads telling us how to setup some of the 32-Bit Doors I've
    personally setup.

    People who need thanked for help with this guide.

    Mike Ehlert (pcm) - Creator of NetFOSS
    Eli Sanford (Eli) - My biggest supporter in all my ProBoard adventures, and the man who supported WWiV until the end! (RIP 2015)

    ProBoard is Copyright (c) 1990-2016
    NetFOSS (c) 2008 Mike Ehlert -

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    didnt know anyone was still around in the bbs world let alone the proboard world LOL
    Here is something you can add to your pb batch file, it allows you to grow the nodes dynamically instead of guessing(or hoping) you need more noted

    if not exist \PB\NODE%1 mkdir \PB\NODE%1

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    NTVDM prob with some doors

    I actually run GameSrv these days (and wrote my own GameSRv configuration as the original one is not workng)- I tried it with PB as I ran that for years in the 90's. But lost my key and can only unock it to 2.01.

    however, the GameSrv and Net2BBS work fine. My prob is that I get that error (see image) when running LORD and a fw other doors.

    NTVDM illegal instruction.

    I run my bbs(s) on winxp, 32bit. GameSrve all my games run flawlessly, with PB they crash.

    Any suggestions? Have you see this error?

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    Sorry it so long to reply. I had so many errors with GameSrv I stopped using it. An error like that on Net2BBS would be better answered by PCM on FaceBook. You can find him on BBSING 2.0 or FaceBook search Mike Ehlert and drop PCM a message. You can also email PCM directly at

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