For setting up DOOR32 programs, I'm going to assume you used the guide
ProBoard 2.X setup with NetFOSS - 32Bit Door Support Now Included! - 2016

Now that we have that out of the way, let's setup a 32Bit Door.

To make creating a DOOR32.SYS in the right directory with NFU.EXE easier and to make running NFU.EXE simple you
should copy NFU.EXE to each nodes directory. For the example paste NFU.EXE into the following directories.

and so on for each node you have.

I use MannIRC to replace my PAGE THE SYSOP option in the Global Menu, but you can run it in the Door Menu as well.
First run ProCFG and goto the Menu Editor. The only menu you should not use is the TOP menu. In the menu editor highlight
any menu you want the IRC option setup in and hit enter. Once you're in the menu's setup hit the insert key to make a new
blank menu item and hit the ENTER key. Your ProCFG information should match the following:

MannIRC Setup in ProCFG:

Color : White on Black Example Text

Hotkey : #
Function : 7 - Shell
Data : c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\pb\node*#\irc.cmd *D

Min.Level: 0 Nodes: All nodes

Then you can ESCAPE key all the way out of ProCFG and SAVE YOUR WORK WHERE ASKED!

Now if you didn't start ProCFG from a Command Prompt Window, please open a Command Prompt Window now.
type the following commands in the Command Prompt Window:

edit irc.cmd

Now once the DOS editor opens type the following:

@echo off
erase door32.sys

Now save the file you created in the editor and exit the Command Prompt Window.

Now it is time to install MannIRC. In this example, we will install MannIRC into C:\PB\DOORS\MANNIRC.
So to install just unzip or unrar the MannIRC archive into C:\PB\DOORS\MANNIRC.

Once you have the C:\PB\DOORS\MANNIRC folder open right click the MANNIRC.INI and go down to Edit
in the menu. By default this opens the file in NotePad, however in my system it opens the file in gedit.
Now make sure your MANNIRC.INI looks like mine:

username=MannIRC User


Once it looks like my MANNIRC.INI file, save it.
The NFU.TXT included gives another way of setting up MannIRC with ProBoard. Either way is right.
However this is the way I beta tested the setup for ProBoard, Net2BBS, and NFU.

People who need thanked for help with this guide.

Mike Ehlert (pcm) - Creator of NetFOSS
Eli Sanford (Eli) - My biggest supporter in all my ProBoard adventures, and the man who supported WWiV until the end! (RIP 2015)

ProBoard is Copyright (c) 1990-2020
NetFOSS (c) 2008 Mike Ehlert -