ProBoard 2.X for DOS and IRC

*Update 05/11/2016*:

The information found here is completely OUTDATED since Mike Ehlert created NFU for NETFOSS and NET2BBS!
Only use this information if your using GameSRV, as I'm not sure at the time of writing this if GameSRV supports
the using of NFU! I will post in another forum how to use MannIRC, a DOOR32.SYS (32Bit) program under ProBoard
(16Bit) DOS based software with NET2BBS.

How to get IRC in ProBoard 2.20 for DOS or earlier versions!
Parts of the following were written by Steve Winn a.k.a. at2k of the VABBS Community!

1.) Step one download and install VABBS for DOS. (Yes, it's another BBS Software Package!)

A.) For this example I installed it in: c:\PB\DOORS\VA

2.) Step two download VIRC32 from the VABBS site maintained by at2k! (This is a MUST for IRC to WORK!)

3.) Of course configure the irc servers in VIRC32.

4.) Step four of course depends on how many nodes you've setup for ProBoard run the VCONFIG and set it up for same amount!

A.) Since ProBoard uses fossils and NetFOSS doesn't care about COM PORTS in VCONFIG edit Channel Configuration

B.) Make each channel run off Fossil Device 0
C.) Remove the init strings.
D.) Lock baud rate at 115200.

5.) Login to VABBS locally from the directory you've installed VABBS in!

A.) The command to login locally: c:\pb\doors\va\BBS.EXE 0
B.) You can leave off the .EXE I was just typing it for this example.
C.) Setup a user named ircuser with the password ircuser

C1.) This is very important, or you will have to know how to edit the VABBS script made by at2k!)

D.) While you are logged into the bbs locally press F2 for the User Editor of VABBS.
E.) Then use the User Editor to set the time to 1440 of user ircuser.

6.) Download from:

7.) In the zip file,, move default.* to the txt dir and everything else to the v dir.

A.) This is to do an automatic login of user: ircuser
B.) This will automatically place the user in the telecon menu.
C.) Somehow let your users know to type /I to change to irc mode and select one of the configured servers in VIRC32.
D.) Currently does not auto-join channels but is on the TO-DO List of VIRC32!
E.) It auto-exits VABBS when you quit telecon.

8.) You can edit telecon.mnu in the txt dir and change the text that is shown when you enter VABBS!

9.) To setup ProBoard to use VABBS as a DOOR run ProCFG.

A.) Go to the Menu Editor.

A1.) On SLASHER BBS I use the IRC to replace "Page SysOp" from the Global Menu.

B.) In the DATA Field type: *ZVADV.BAT *D

B1.) Yes, VABBS does not use the DOOR.SYS you're telling ProBoard to create, but it keeps ProBoard from erroring under the shell!

C.) Change the FUNCTION Field change it to type: 7 - shell

10.) Now under each nodes personal directory under ProBoard create VADV.BAT.

A.) Here is an example for VADV.BAT for Node 1:

@echo off
bbs.exe 1 /ac /b115200

B.) Here is an example for VADV.BAT for Node 2: (Notice the small change...)

@echo off
bbs.exe 2 /ac /b115200

11.) Now you should have IRC working under ProBoard with the HELP of VABBS...

People who need thanked for help with this guide.

Mike Ehlert (pcm) - Creator of NetFOSS
Rick Parish (ree) - Creator of GameSRV
Steve Winn (at2k) - Current supporter of VABBS and Creator of VIRC32.
Eli Sanford (Eli) - My biggest supporter in all my ProBoard adventures, and the man who supported WWiV until the end!
Rachael Riley - My ex-wife and the mother of my children, the only person to tell me she hated ProBoard and BBSes because they didn't make sense...

GameSrv (c) 2004 Rick Parish - R & M Software.
ProBoard is Copyright (c) 1990-2019
NetFOSS (c) 2008 Mike Ehlert -
VABBS and VIRC32 (c) 2008 Steve Winn