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Thread: ProBoard 2.20I ExpireWare Hack!!

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    ProBoard 2.20I ExpireWare Hack!!

    Okay, I decided today after I searched for the ExpireWare hack, which I thought I lost, I decided to release the ProBoard 2.20I Expireware hack!

    How does this HACK work?

    Install ProBoard 2.20i
    Replace the current PROBOARD.EXE
    with the one in this ZIP File.

    Enjoy ProBoard 2.20i until it officially
    expires on: June 1st, 32767


    Here is the bad part about this hack!! Without a legit registration code for ProBoard 2.20i you're ProBoard 2.20i will not allow other users to join the BBS. Because somewhere in this code it knows it running past the actual expireware date of June 1st, 2002.... We will work to correct this as well. The crew is working to create a keygen for ProBoard 2.20i!! Thanks for everything. *2019* This expireware hack did not work on a legit registered copy of ProBoard 2.20I either. But, it was fun working on it.

    Also to help you help us with the ProBoard 2.20I project I've included in the attachments a DOS freeware program for HEX/ASM editing called Hacker's View. As far as we know this is the last DOS version of Hacker's View for DOS.

    Just for kicks here is a sample of what our first keygen program is set to do. Remember, after we use this style of keygen for a while, we will have enough information to create an actual keygen. *2019* I'll keep this up for archive purposes. But we have the ProBoard source code and don't need this.
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