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Thread: Pidgin PKG from MacPorts!

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    Post Pidgin PKG from MacPorts!

    I love Pidgin! I used MacPorts to create me a PKG to install Pidgin on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with my Mac Mini. I thought you all would like it.

    I'm going to try it. The MacPort's version is always a tad behind the official version. The official Pidgin site has released 2.10.8. This version from MacPorts is 2.10.7.

    Also, you shouldn't need to install MacPorts or XCode to use this program. I might be wrong. Thanks again.



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    Okay, I'm having some problems with my gstreamer library file for this project. I was told to correct this, to use X-Code and install Gnome, but I can't Gnome to install. Hummm...

    I'm going to look at imCross compiler for Fedora 7 and PowerPC Leopard 10.5.8!



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